MuicGiff performs for those on the mend

MusicGiff brings joy to those that are on the mend or restricted in their ability to get out much. Partnering with MusicMendsDCVA, MusicGiff kicked off MusicMendsDCVA’s June line-up.

“I met the founder of the organization after she saw me perform at a show. Once she explained to me what the organization was about, I jumped at the opportunity.”

An organization started over a year ago to bring diverse musical talent to those shut in, MusicMendsDCVA, has had more than 50 artists perform. The organizer Andrea Kelly had this to say about MusicGiff’s performance.

“The residents loved the show, shouting out comments: “he’s awesome”, “come back again”, “love your voice”. It’s always difficult for me to put into words the magic of seeing the residents enjoy the music, esp when I reach out to ask a musician that I’d really like to volunteer & they say yes! It takes my breath away every time.”

She continued, “If … friends get anything from my posts, I hope it’s that these musicians are truly making a difference in the community.” #supportmusicmendsvolunteers #localmusicrocks

MusicMendsDCVA’s audiences include a vast demographic of people, providing musicians an audience with varied musical taste. It provides an opportunity to serve, while doing something that you love. To volunteer for MusicMendsDCVA email

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